Water Damage

Water damage in your home

Whenever it comes to water damage claims, you should make sure what your policy covers and what it does not. The nature of water damage insurance perils is quite confusing, and homeowners often run into questions about it. As professional public adjusters, we ensure that you know your insurance policy inside out. Our experts are well informed about the procedures, and they know all the requirements for filing water damage claims.

A water damage claim is one of the most frequently filed claims according to statistics. This damage can occur due to multiple reasons, and the most common of them are frozen pipes, broken pipes, sewage issues, and leaks of different types. To get fair compensation for your damages, hiring a public adjuster can be very beneficial. Filing a damage claim is often complicated because it has so much to do with the paperwork. At Florida Hurricane Adjusters, we ensure to get it all done in the right way. Whether you need information about your policy or want to file your water damage claim, we’ll do it the best way around. 

Whenever water damage occurs, you should immediately try to clear it. You should start a proper removal and clear-out at your space. Remove all the carpets, rugs, electric appliances, and other items from that area. Don’t keep your wet carpets and rugs on the floor to prevent mold. After the damage has occurred, the initial few hours are very crucial, and how you react in those hours may affect the result of your property damage claim. You should contact a public adjuster at your earliest to take control of the loss.  

How to handle water damage

Water damage can occur any time, and there’s usually no warning before it. You have to prepare yourself to troubleshoot such issues. We provide complete consultancy to our customers to help them with their insurance claims. Here’s what you should do to reduce the loss and file a claim. Exercise your insurance options properly and try to go for your preferred dry-out or restoration company. Your insurance carrier’s restoration contractor might not be suitable for you. Make sure you don’t sign any agreements without checking the specifications properly. As your professional public adjusters, we can assure you of hassle-free procedures. We will keep you informed and updated on all the matters. Once the restoration is complete, you can check the extent of losses. Your public adjuster will detect the moisture in your place and will highlight specific areas where the water is. Your public adjuster will do this by using moisture detector machines – you can check it. After assessing the damages, your next duty should be preventing bacteria, viruses, and fungi. But how do you do that? You can use different antibacterial disinfectants to clear out any bacteria or fungus. Should you not take care of this step, you may end up having mold damage as well. Finally, water damage claims need proper investigation, assessment, and prevention. If you don’t take precautionary measures, you may end up experiencing more damage. Please make sure you have done your homework before contacting your insurance carrier. Florida Hurricane Adjusters will gladly assist you in all your insurance claims.

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