Vandalism / Theft Damage

Due to their tricky nature, vandalism or theft claims are quite difficult to understand. The reason behind this complexity is the involvement of different concerned departments and the lengthy procedure. Whenever a theft or vandalism case arises, you have to report it to the police. The first department is police, then come public adjuster and your insurance carrier. 

Another reason that makes these claims more complicated is the level of investigation involved in the process. Depending on the extent of loss and type of your coverage, you may be subject to so many questions. Questions such as “do the stolen items belong to you,” “is there any evidence?” and many other questions. Theft and vandalism claims also include investigation about property damage such as broken windows, locks, and glass. Make sure you’re ready for such probing when you file a theft or vandalism claim. 

While preparing for theft claims, you must file a police report with the submission of a complete list of all the stolen items. If you miss any item while reporting to the police, make sure to update them later. The investigation carried out by the police department will also help your insurance carrier in assessing your case. Insurance carriers will rely on your documents, and it should be helpful when you have a police report accompanying your documents.

Filing theft and vandalism claims

Recovering theft and vandalism damage isn’t a big ask when you do it the right way. And to do it the right way, there should be a proper methodology in place. Florida Hurricane Adjusters can help you file theft damage claims that will result in fair compensation for you. We educate our customers on how they should treat different damage claims. 

Here’s what you should know about theft claims. 

Theft and vandalism damage insurances have certain limits and exclusions. Some items may not be falling in your insurance coverage, and you have to be aware of it. Knowing your policy terms is always beneficial and avoids unnecessary disputes. Insurance companies often acquire appraisal services to figure out the value of your lost or stolen items. Make sure you know these appraisal companies to get a fair valuation of your properties. 

Always keep your insurance policy in mind, and file a police report immediately after getting into any such event. Take out the documents or any identity proofs that demonstrate your ownership of the stolen item/s. If you can get the recording, picture, or any other information about the event, then it can be significantly beneficial for you. If you are unable to prove the entitlement of stolen goods, you have to take an oath to demonstrate your ownership.

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