Roof Damage

what you need to know about roof damage

Do you want to file a roof damage insurance claim? Do you know how it all works and what you need? As professional public adjusters, we make sure you get a hassle-free service for filing your claims. Filing a roof damage claim can be a tiresome job for those who don’t know the process. But you’re not one of them! You know it all!


In Florida, experiencing roof damage after tornadoes, hurricanes, and hailstorms is very common. These disasters are one of the major causes of many roof damages. You have no control over natural disasters, but you do have control over leaks and water overflows, which are other reasons for roof damages. You should know what your insurance policy states, and how you should document your claim, this is where public adjusters come in handy. 


To file a successful roof damage insurance claim, it’s a good practice to assess the scope of the damage. There are many cases where the damage is not apparent on the outer layers of the roof but results in cracking, tearing, and destroying the internal membranes of the roof. It is common to see a roof not affected on the outside with multiple leaks, holes, and cracks on the inner side. A professional inspection of your roof is very beneficial to get fair compensation for damages. You need a roofing expert and may require a structural engineer to assess your roof. But, you don’t need to worry, we can manage it all for you! 

What you should do

Whenever you experience roof damage, either it’s due to a hurricane, hailstorm, or water leaks, your first job should be getting in touch with us. We will manage the inspection of your damage in coordination with a structural engineer and roofing expert. After inspecting your roof, we will help you proceed further with documentation and filing your insurance claim. 

Here’s What You Should Do When You See a Damaged Roof

  • Contact Florida Hurricane Adjustors at your earliest.
  • Remove everything, especially electric appliances from underneath the damaged area. 
  • If the roof is leaking, try putting a basket underneath to prevent the water from spreading. 
  • Identify the type of roofing you have and avoid standing underneath it. 

You should make your decisions wisely in roof damage cases, and nobody can advise you on these decisions as Florida Hurricane Adjusters can. From inspecting your roof to assessing the scope of damages, and from documenting the claim to filing it, we do everything that can justify your claim. We make sure that our customers get the full payment to fix their losses without any pain in the neck. 

Worried about Roof Damage? We Can Help You File a Claim!

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