Hurricane Damage

Hurricane damage in Florida

Do you live in Florida? You must be familiar with hurricane damage insurance. But do you know how you can effectively file a hurricane damage claim? Florida Hurricane Adjusters will guide you through the process! 

Hurricane damages are devastating, and you need proper assistance to get compensated for your losses. You should know what your insurance policy is and how the claim process works. Hurricane damage insurance only includes direct damage: damage caused directly by the hurricane. These damages include roofs, windows, and other property damages that are directly caused by the storm and not any other reason. Besides damaging your property externally, hurricanes may damage your home appliances and other belongings. 

Whenever a Hurricane Damage occurs, you should make sure it doesn’t cause any other damage, such as mold and water damage. Let’s suppose your hurricane damage also causes water damage or mold, how would you treat that? Would you file a claim for water damage or storm damage? These questions arise very often, and your insurance carrier knows it all. You should read your policy thoroughly and make sure you know what damages your policy covers. 

Filing Hurricane Damage claims

Filing an insurance claim is very easy when you know your policy coverage and the procedures of filing the claims. Contrarily, when you don’t know your insurance policy, you might run into a lot of trouble. We can save you from this trouble by advising you on different stages. From collecting and picturing the evidence of damages to getting in touch with your policy carrier, it is all our job when you hire us. Hurricane insurances often cover water damage and mold damage, but homeowners don’t read their policy. If the hurricane has made the water get into your drywalls, roofing, and shingles, then this damage will be covered by your insurance. Some insurance companies don’t compensate for the losses even when they are part of the coverage. Seek professional advice and hire a public adjuster. Hiring an adjustment company will help you get a better settlement for all your damages. Moreover, there will be no hassle and fatigue for you. At Florida Hurricane Adjusters, our priority is to take all the worries away from you. From picturing your damages to preparing documents, and from preparing these documents to submitting them at the right place, our experts will take responsibility for everything.

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