Flood Damage

Many Floridians are unable to differentiate between flood damage and water damage. They see water damage and flood damage as the same kind of loss. Some people even think their standard property insurance provides flood coverage as well. In reality, flood damage and water damage are both very different cases. Water damage is part of your standard property insurance, while flood damage is not. 

To file a flood damage claim, you should have a flood damage insurance. We suggest you read your policy to stay updated on what it covers. We know that the reason for the damage is water in both cases: flood insurance claim and water damage insurance claim. But, water damage claims may include broken pipes, leakage, and overflows as the reasons for damage, and there’s a different scenario in flood damage. 

Flood damage insurance can, at times, cause a lot of confusion; that’s why it is not available in private insurance markets. The federal government initiated an act in 1968 that aimed to help commercial and residential property owners with flood damage insurance claims. This program is known as the (National Flood Insurance Program) NFIP. Be careful while selecting your insurance carrier because most insurance carriers are private. 

Understanding Flood damage claims

Do you know what flood damage exactly means, and in what circumstances you can file a flood damage claim? Insurance policies often make things tricky, and you should know NFIP’s definition of flood damage. Which says there must be at least two properties affected (with floodwater and/or mud) either partially or completely. 

Whenever you experience flood damage, your immediate action should be contacting your public adjuster and restoration company. While your restoration company visits your place, make sure they follow proper procedures and preventive measures to dry-out the premises. Another important thing to consider is how you can prepare your claim documents. Make sure you comply with NFIP’s rules while preparing your documents. Failing to comply with these rules may narrow your chances of getting the settlement for loss. 

You have sixty days to file your flood damage claim along with the proof. We recommend you to get in touch with us at your earliest so we could have enough time to process your insurance claim. Insurance claims may take several weeks because of lengthy procedures. If you want to do it all in time and proficiently, then Florida Hurricane Adjusters is the company that can help you!


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