Mold Damage

Mold Damage in your home

Mold damage is a common issue for the residents of Florida. Mold damage occurs mostly in areas where the moisture is usually high. Florida is a place where the air is humid, and the atmosphere is often moist. There is a high probability of finding mold in Florida, and it damages your property and health. 

At Florida Hurricane Adjusters, we make sure all your mold damage claims result in success. There are many points that you need to consider when it comes to filing a mold damage claim. Mold damage was part of most home insurances in the past when they used to link it to water damage, sudden plumbing leaks, and storm damage. But gone are those days, and people are more aware and educated now. So are insurance companies. 

Insurance companies know how dangerous and unhealthy the mold is, and they are also aware of the cleaning and removal costs. That’s why many insurance carriers are eliminating mold damage from their offerings. They don’t cover it even when it falls in a covered peril. Some companies provide mold claims as an additional service and charge a premium for that. We make sure that you get mold coverage when it is part of your insurance. 

Mold can seriously affect people’s health and properties, and that’s why we should treat it carefully. We can save you from misleading and cunning insurance carriers by making everything (listed in your policy) available for you. Hire a professional public adjuster and get compensated for mold damages! Our team of professionals evaluates affected areas of your house to put together your mold damage claims. 

Did you Find Mold in Your house?

Here’s what you can do after finding mold in your house or office.
Don’t try removing it yourself either by drying it out or by cleaning it with any substance.
– Call us and let us take care of your mold-affected building.
– Avoid going into the affected area and stay out of it as long as possible.
– Avoid eating, drinking, and smoking in that area, even inhaling can cause you harm.
– Try to keep all the windows shut off in the affected area; fresh air spreads mold spores.

What Florida Hurricane Adjusters Can Do To Help

Insurance companies often avoid mold claims by stating policy exclusions. However, in many cases, the mold policy does exist in the coverage. You can hire a mold remediation contractor to identify the scope and extent of damage, and the rest is our job. After the contractor’s evaluation, we will advise you on the best course of action to proceed with your claim. You can evaluate your remediation contractor’s performance through an air clearance test. Once the loss assessment is complete, our advisors will assist you in filing the most effective mold claim

Mold Claim? Florida Hurricane Adjusters is here to help

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